Best Baseball Gloves Under 200

Are you looking to up your baseball game without breaking the bank? You’ve come to the right place!

Choosing a good baseball glove can be a daunting task. It can get overwhelming with so many brands, models, and designs.

But don’t worry; we are here to simplify this process.

Today, we go beyond the leather surface, dig into the stitching, and throw some curves to find you the best baseball glove under $200.

Yes, you read that right – quality doesn’t always have to cost an arm and a leg (or, in this case, a hand!).

So, our guide has covered whether you’re about to step onto the diamond for the first time or a seasoned veteran looking for an affordable upgrade. Let’s dive in!

5 Best Baseball Gloves Under 200 Dollars

1. Rawlings Player Preferred Glove Series

Rawlings Player Preferred Glove Series

Immerse yourself in the adrenaline rush of the diamond-like never before with the Rawlings Player Preferred Glove Series.

This 12-inch adult glove, a masterpiece designed for recreational baseball and slowpitch softball, is your ticket to unparalleled excellence on the field.

Its groundbreaking Basket Web design provides an adaptable, flexible web pattern perfect for any field position – a true revolution in your gaming arsenal.

Constructed with a meticulous eye for quality, the glove flaunts a durable full-grain leather construction, promising to stand alongside you through countless games.

You can rely on the glove’s pioneering Zero Shock Palm Padding technology when you’re out there making those heart-stopping catches.

This innovation absorbs the shock of every catch, protecting your hand and bolstering your confidence with every ball that lands in your mitt.

Plus, with the Adjustable Wrist Strap, you can customize your glove for a perfect, comfortable fit – it’ll feel like a natural extension of your hand.

“It’s not just a glove. It’s a trusted companion that echoes your dedication to the game.”

Wave goodbye to the days of lengthy break-in periods. Arriving at your doorstep, 80% factory broken-in, the Rawlings Player Preferred Glove needs just a touch of your player magic to reach its full potential.

Trust in the Rawlings name – a trusted icon in the sporting world – for unmatched quality and performance.

Top Features:

  1. Quality, Full-Grain Oiled Leather Shells: The gloves are made from quality, full-grain oiled leather shells. This type of leather is known for its durability and strength, which makes the gloves long-lasting.
  2. Easy and Quick Break-In: The gloves are designed for easy and quick break-in. This means they can be used immediately after purchase without a lengthy break-in period.
  3. All-Leather Laces: The gloves feature all-leather laces, which add to their durability and strength. This ensures that the gloves can withstand the rigors of regular use.
  4. Comfort and Fit: Users have praised the comfort and fit of these gloves. They are designed to be comfortable to wear, making them suitable for extended periods of use.
  5. Versatility: The Player Preferred Glove Series covers baseball, softball, and recreational leagues, making them versatile for different types of games and player preferences.


  • Versatile Excellence: The Basket Web design adapts effortlessly to any field position, offering unparalleled versatility.
  • Durability Redefined: Crafted from FULL GRAIN LEATHER, this glove is built to withstand the rigors of the game.
  • Instant Playability: The 80% factory break-in process ensures a quick GAME READY FEEL, so you can focus on the game.


  • Specific Hand Orientation: Designed for Right Hand Throw players only.
  • Position Limited: While versatile, the glove is recommended primarily for Pitcher position players.

Ensuring a perfect fit is crucial for optimal performance on the field; learn how to measure your hand for a baseball glove with our step-by-step guide, including a helpful baseball glove size chart.

2. MARUCCI Acadia M-Type Baseball Glove Series

MARUCCI Acadia M-Type Baseball Glove Series

Step up your baseball game with the revolutionary MARUCCI Acadia M-Type Baseball Glove Series. This glove is more than just a piece of gear.

It’s the secret weapon that will unlock your untapped fielding prowess.

Tailored for both the newbie and the veteran, it blends cutting-edge technology and traditional craftsmanship to deliver a lightweight and seamless gameplay experience.

With the Acadia M-Type series, agility takes on a new meaning. Its groundbreaking design emphasizes lightness, enabling you to rule the field without compromising control.

It turns every dive and every catch into a chance to flaunt your finesse while maintaining exact control over your actions.

Constructed from full-grain cowhide leather, the Acadia M-Type glove screams durability and resilience in every stitch.

Its soft, leather palm lining has a bonus – extra cushioning. This ensures maximum comfort during extended use and enhances grip, so you never miss a play.

The glove’s narrow-tapered hand stall sizing offers a bespoke fit designed just for you. It becomes a natural extension of your hand, providing the control you need to outsmart your rivals.

The smooth microfiber wrist and finger lining guarantee a cozy fit, reducing distractions and sharpening your focus on the game.

Top Features:

  1. Full-Grain Cowhide Leather Shell: The gloves are constructed with a full-grain cowhide leather shell known for its durability and strength. This type of leather ensures the gloves can withstand the rigors of regular use and last for a long time.
  2. Supple Leather Palm Lining with Added Cushioning: The gloves feature a supple leather palm lining with added cushioning. This provides a comfortable feel and helps absorb the ball’s impact, reducing the chance of injury and enhancing the overall performance.
  3. M Type Fit System: The system includes integrated thumb and pinky sleeves and enhanced thumb stall cushioning. This design maximizes comfort and feel, eliminating bothersome thumb or pinky loop straps on the outside of the glove.
  4. Tapered Hand Stall Sizing for Ideal Fit: The gloves are designed to provide an ideal fit with tapered hand stall sizing. This ensures the gloves fit snugly and securely, enhancing control and performance.
  5. Very Little Break-In Required: The Marucci Acadia M-Type Baseball Glove Series is designed to require very little break-in. This means the gloves are nearly game-ready right after purchase, saving players the time and effort for a lengthy break-in period.


  • Light as Air: The lightweight construction lets you move like never before.
  • Uncompromising Durability: Full-grain cowhide leather ensures long-lasting performance.
  • Precision Fit: The narrow-tapered hand stall sizing provides a glove that fits like a second skin.


  • Break-In Time: Requires some time to mold to your hand fully.
  • Hand Orientation: Available only for right-hand throw players.

Breaking in a new baseball glove is a rite of passage for players. Discover the way of breaking in a baseball glove with shaving cream, ensuring flexibility without compromising the leather’s integrity.

3. Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Glove Series

Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Glove Series

Introducing the Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Glove Series – where excellence meets innovation, tailored to meet the exacting standards of serious players.

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Crafted with Bio soft leather, this glove offers an unparalleled blend of supple softness and essential oil balance, delivering an extraordinary tactile experience that redefines control on the field.

Elevating the game, the glove boasts professional-level lace, ensuring longevity that rivals professional-grade gloves, reinforcing your commitment to the sport.

Every detail is a testament to your dedication. The outlined, embroidered logo adds a touch of luxury, symbolizing your devotion to precision.

Its thoughtfully designed hand orientation enhances the glove’s ergonomic fit, offering a seamless extension of your movements.

Choose between the Left Hand Throw for a Right Hand Glove or the Right Hand Throw for a Left Hand Glove – because success on the diamond starts with the perfect fit.

Mizuno understands that youth players demand nothing but the best. The Black/Cherry Shock 2 Web adds a bold statement to your style, while the supple leather lining ensures a luxurious feel whenever you slip your hand in.

Top Features:

  1. Bio Soft Leather: The gloves are handcrafted with Bio Soft Leather, a professional-style smooth leather that balances oil and softness for exceptional feel and firm control.
  2. Center Pocket Designed Patterns: This feature naturally centers the pocket under the index finger, intended to offer the most versatile break-in possible, allowing for a quicker and more personalized fit.
  3. Professional Level Lace: The gloves include the same durable lace used in Mizuno’s professional-level gloves, contributing to the overall durability and longevity of the glove.
  4. Outlined, Embroidered Logo: For a rich, premium look, the gloves feature an outlined, embroidered Mizuno logo, which adds to the aesthetic appeal of the glove.
  5. PlusGrip Thumb: An ultra-comfortable padded thumb slot is included in the design, enhancing the glove’s comfort and fit, especially in the thumb area, where players may experience more wear and tear.


  • Exceptional Feel: The Bio soft leather provides an unbeatable blend of oil-infused softness, ensuring unmatched feel and control.
  • Durable Endurance: Professional-level lace guarantees lasting performance, ensuring your glove stands the test of time.
  • Customizable Fit: Hand orientation options provide a glove that fits like an extension of your hand, enhancing your performance.


  • Premium Pricing: The advanced features come at a higher cost than entry-level gloves.
  • Break-In Period: The high-quality materials may require more time to break in fully.

4. Franklin Sports Baseball Gloves

Franklin Sports Baseball Gloves

Introducing the Franklin Sports Baseball Gloves: Elevate your game with a glove designed to redefine your fielding experience.

Crafted with precision and innovation, these gloves are the ultimate choice for both seasoned athletes and aspiring players.

Unleash your potential with the Easy Break-In feature, where the supple synthetic leather material ensures a swift and effortless molding process. Swiftly adapt to the game as the glove becomes your second skin, game-ready in the blink of an eye.

The adjustable wrist strap and Contour Fit System are your allies in achieving the perfect fit, catering to your every preference and ensuring a comfortable grip that inspires confidence with every catch.

Dive into the game without hesitation, as the premium synthetic leather guarantees the utmost Durability, emulating the toughness of authentic leather without the prolonged break-in period.

The Hand-Formed Pocket delivers an unparalleled responsive touch, allowing you to conquer those challenging catches without a hint of uncertainty.

Top Features:

  1. Genuine Leather Heel Patch: The gloves feature a top-grade genuine leather heel patch that cushions the hand during batting. This durable stitching ensures the gloves can withstand regular use.
  2. Lycra-Flex and Synthetic Hand Back: The gloves are designed with a sleek, lycra-flex and synthetic hand back for maximum flexibility. This feature enhances the fit and comfort of the gloves, allowing for better performance.
  3. Premium Pigskin Leather: The Franklin Sports RTP Pro Baseball Glove, for instance, is made from soft, lightweight, premium pigskin leather. This type of leather is comfortable to wear and provides a durable shell for the glove.
  4. Powerstrap Technology: Some gloves in the series, like the Powerstrap Batting Gloves, feature revolutionary Powerstrap technology. This includes a wrist-fastening closure for a snug fit that requires no adjustments at the plate.
  5. Synthetic Leather Construction: The Franklin Sports Field Master Baseball + Softball Glove, a popular choice in the series, is made from durable synthetic leather. This material is cost-efficient and suitable for both recreational and professional use.


  • Quick Break-In: Soft synthetic leather accelerates the break-in process for immediate game-readiness.
  • Customizable Fit: Adjustable wrist strap and Contour Fit System provide personalized comfort and grip.
  • Durable Performance: Premium synthetic leather offers lasting durability and performance.


  • Initial Rigidity: May have a slight initial rigidity due to premium synthetic leather.
  • Limited Color Options: Available only in black, restricting color preferences.

Choosing the hand for your baseball glove is fundamental to your playing experience. Find out the answer to the common question – what hand do you wear a baseball glove on?

5. WILSON 2023 A500 Youth Baseball Glove

WILSON 2023 A500 Youth Baseball Glove

Introducing the WILSON 2023 A500 Youth Baseball Glove – where innovation meets excellence in sports gear.

Elevate your young athlete’s game with a glove that’s more than just leather; it’s a masterpiece of precision and performance.

Crafted with Rolled Dual Welting, this glove transcends aesthetics, offering unparalleled support and maintaining its shape for enduring play after play.

Designed for a snug fit, the glove boasts the revolutionary Quick Fit Wrist system that molds like a second skin, ensuring optimal control and comfort on the field.

The Top Grain Leather Construction grants a featherlight feel without compromising durability – an essential blend for youthful energy and enthusiasm.

The distinctive H Web design adds a touch of character, seamlessly blending form and function. As a beacon of trust, the WILSON brand ensures superior quality, and the Blonde/Red/White hues lend a dash of style to your athlete’s gear lineup.

Ideal for budding talents in the Youth age range, this glove’s Leather Lining further enhances its longevity.

Top Features:

  1. All-Leather Construction: The gloves are made with all-leather construction, offering a durable and lightweight feel. This construction includes Grain leather, contributing to the glove’s sturdiness and ease of handling.
  2. Quick Fit Wrist System: Engineered for youth players, the A500 features a Quick Fit Wrist elastic system that adjusts to hug the wrist. This provides a secure fit for kids with smaller hands and ensures the glove stays in place during play.
  3. Rolled Dual Welting: The gloves incorporate Rolled Dual Welting, where thin strips of Pro Stock leather are skived thin and rolled to provide a long-lasting shape and a quicker break-in period. This design element helps the glove retain its structure over time.
  4. Lightweight Feel: Wilson’s Top Grain Leather gloves’ construction creates a lightweight feel, making it easier for young players to move their hands quickly and efficiently.
  5. Versatile Web Designs: The A500 series features different web designs suitable for various positions. For example, the 11.5” model has an H-Web ideal for players who play multiple positions, while the 12.5” model features an Open Single Post Web with extra-long reach, perfect for outfielders.

Factors to Consider When Buying Baseball Gloves Under $100

When hunting for the best baseball glove under $200, there are many factors to consider.

It’s not just about finding a glove that fits your budget but also about finding one that suits your playing style, position on the field, and personal preferences.

Here are some key factors to consider:


The right size of a baseball glove is crucial for optimum performance. A glove that’s too big may slip off your hand during the game, while one that’s too small may limit your catching ability.


Many gloves are made from leather, which offers a great balance of durability and flexibility. However, synthetic gloves that are lighter and more affordable are also available. Choosing a comfortable material that suits your level of play is important.


Your position on the field significantly affects the type of glove you’ll need. Infielders typically use smaller gloves for quicker plays, while outfielders often prefer larger gloves for catching fly balls.

Breaking In

A new glove can be stiff and difficult to manage. Make sure you have enough time to break in your glove before using it in a game. Some gloves under $200 come pre-broken in, which can be a time saver.


Certain brands are known for their quality and longevity, so it’s worth considering the manufacturer’s reputation when making your decision.

Remember, the best glove isn’t necessarily the most expensive one. It’s the one that fits well, feels comfortable, and enhances your skills on the field.

Considering these factors, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect baseball glove that doesn’t break the bank.

Breaking Down the Best Materials for a Baseball Glove

When choosing the best baseball glove, the material plays a significant role. The material impacts the glove’s durability, performance on the field, break-in time, and feel.

Here, we list the best materials for a baseball glove under $200.


Leather gloves are the most popular choice among professional players. They’re renowned for their durability, comfort, and the excellent pocket formation they allow.

The quality of leather varies, but the best gloves use full-grain leather, which is incredibly durable and forms a great pocket. However, they require a significant break-in period.

Synthetic Materials

For players looking for a more budget-friendly option, synthetic materials are an excellent choice. These gloves are lighter and require little to no break-in period.

They may lack the durability of leather gloves but are a good option for younger, casual players or those just starting in the game.


Some gloves combine leather with mesh material. These are lighter than fully leather gloves, making them a good choice for players who value quick hand movements. They also tend to be more breathable, which can help keep your hand cool during hot game days.

Treated Leather

Treated leather gloves are pre-oiled or conditioned to reduce the break-in time. They offer the durability and performance of leather gloves with the added convenience of being game-ready out of the box.

However, treated leather gloves may require more maintenance to keep them in good shape.

The Best Brands for Baseball Gloves Under $200

When finding the best baseball gloves under $200, the main factor you should focus on is the brand.

Each brand offers different features, quality, and durability, which can greatly affect your performance on the field. Let’s delve into some of them:

1. Wilson

Wilson is a renowned brand in the world of baseball known for their top-tier gloves. Originating in 1913, they have consistently created premium gloves focusing on comfort and durability.

The A2000 series, in particular, offers gloves under $200 that are high-quality, durable, and designed for serious players.

2. Rawlings

A name synonymous with baseball, Rawlings has been a trusted brand since 1887. Their gloves are designed for excellent performance and longevity.

The Pro Preferred and the Heart of the Hide series are some of the best choices under $200, delivering superior comfort, flexibility, and grip.

3. Mizuno

With a history dating back to 1906, Mizuno is a brand that combines tradition with innovation. Their gloves are crafted with advanced technologies to enhance your catch and throw.

The MVP Prime series offers a range of high-performance gloves under $200, featuring soft, durable leather and a snug fit.

4. Easton

Easton offers a variety of gloves for different player needs, from beginners to pros. Their gloves are highly respected for their design, durability, and innovative features.

The Pro Collection series provides a selection of quality gloves under $200, designed to cater to the needs of various player positions on the field.

As you delve into the world of baseball gloves, you’ll notice that the webbing pattern is one of the key elements that make each glove unique.

This is more than just a design choice – the webbing pattern of a glove can significantly influence your performance on the field.

Let’s investigate the most popular webbing patterns and their specific uses on the diamond.

1. Basket Web

The Basket Web pattern is a tight weave that gives the glove a sturdy structure. This pattern is popular with infielders and pitchers, as it helps maintain the pocket’s shape and helps conceal the ball.

2. H-Web

The H-Web pattern is characterized by its wide, open design that gives players a larger catching area and better visibility. This pattern is often preferred by outfielders who need to track and catch high-flying balls quickly and efficiently.

3. I-Web

The I-Web pattern, named for the “I” shaped stitching connecting the top and bottom of the glove, is a favorite amongst infielders. The design allows quick transfers from glove to throwing hand, making it a great choice for those quick plays at the base.

4. Trap-Eze Web

The Trap-Eze Web is a six-finger style pattern that provides an extremely deep pocket. It’s a top choice for outfielders who must secure high fly balls and hard hits deep in the field.

5. Two-Piece Web

The Two-Piece Web pattern consists of heavy, sturdy webbing that provides excellent support and durability. This pattern is popular among pitchers, allowing them to hide their grip from the batter.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Baseball Glove

Investing in a quality baseball glove under $200 is just the start of your journey, as it’s crucial to take proper care of your glove to ensure it lasts.

Here are some essential care and maintenance tips to keep your glove in top-notch condition.

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Breaking In Your Glove

Every glove needs a good break-in period. This process helps mold the glove to your hand, making catching and holding onto the ball easier. Here’s how you should do it:

  1. Play Catch: Simply using it is the most effective and recommended way to break your glove. Play catch as often as you can. It helps your glove take the shape of the ball and adapts to your catching style.
  2. Use Glove Conditioners: There are dedicated glove conditioners available in the market. These soften the leather and help speed up the break-in process.
  3. Avoid Quick Break-In Methods: Avoid methods that promise to break in your glove quickly, like microwaving or soaking it in water. These can damage the leather and shorten the lifespan of your glove.

Cleaning Your Glove

Keeping your glove clean is another crucial step in its maintenance. Dirt and sweat can deteriorate the leather over time. Follow these simple steps to clean your glove:

  1. Wipe It Down: After each use, wipe your glove down with a dry cloth to remove dirt or sweat.
  2. Use Leather Cleaner: Use a leather cleaner to clean your glove every few weeks. Make sure to follow the instructions on the cleaner.
  3. Let It Dry Naturally: Always let your glove dry naturally. Placing it under direct sunlight or near a heat source can cause the leather to crack.

Storing Your Glove

How you store your baseball glove when it’s not in use plays a significant role in its durability. Below, we’ve outlined the best practices for glove storage:

  • Store in a Cool, Dry Place: Excessive heat can damage the leather, causing it to dry out and crack. It’s best to store your glove in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep it Shaped: Keep a ball in the glove pocket when storing. This helps maintain the shape of the glove and the pocket.
  • Avoid Stacking: Don’t stack anything on top of your glove. This might flatten the pocket and deform the glove’s shape.

Remember, a well-maintained glove lasts longer and improves your performance on the field.

So, take good care of your glove, and it’ll take good care of you on the diamond.

Expert Advice: How to Choose the Best Baseball Glove Under $200

Choosing the best baseball glove under $200 might seem daunting, given the wide range of options. But don’t worry; we’re here to help guide you through the process.

Here are some expert tips to keep in mind while shopping around.

Consider Your Position

The position you play largely determines the type of glove you need. Infielders typically prefer smaller gloves for quick ball retrieval, while outfielders require larger gloves for maximum reach.

On the other hand, Pitchers usually opt for gloves with closed webs to conceal their grip.

Choose the Right Material

When it comes to material, you have several choices. Synthetic materials are cheaper, but they may not last as long. Leather, on the other hand, offers durability and a better feel but can be more expensive.

For a glove under $200, you can still find quality leather models with excellent performance and longevity.

Look for Comfort and Fit

A glove should feel comfortable and fit your hand well. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. You need to be able to move your fingers freely for maximum control. Always try gloves with a baseball to ensure the pocket size is suitable.

Break-in Period

Keep in mind that all gloves require a break-in period. Some come pre-oiled and mostly broken in, allowing you to play almost immediately, while others may take a few weeks of use to form into your hand fully.

In general, higher-quality gloves require longer break-in periods, but they also last longer.

Considering these factors, you’ll be well on your way to finding the best baseball glove under $200. Remember, the right glove can significantly enhance your performance on the field, so take the time to find one that truly suits your needs and style of play.


Choosing the best baseball glove under $200 is not only about the price but also the quality, comfort, and durability it offers.

A good glove can significantly improve your performance on the field, providing the perfect balance between flexibility and stability. It should fit like a second skin, becoming an extension of your hand.

Remember to consider factors such as:

  • Material: High-quality leather gloves are usually more durable and comfortable.
  • Size: The glove should fit your hand well. Too big or too small can hinder your performance.
  • Position: Different positions require different gloves. Infielders usually prefer smaller gloves for quicker plays, whereas outfielders prefer larger gloves for catching fly balls.
  • Break-In: Some gloves require a break-in period. Gloves that come game-ready can be used immediately.

Note: While we have selected these gloves based on their quality and price, the best glove for you ultimately depends on your personal preferences, playing style, and position. Trying on a glove before making the final decision is always recommended.

Investing in a good-quality baseball glove can significantly enhance your game. So, take your time, do your research, and pick the glove that suits you the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Baseball Gloves Under $200 for Infield?

The best baseball gloves under $200 for infield play include models such as the Mizuno Franchise, Wilson A2000, Wilson A1000, and the Wilson A500. These gloves offer excellent quality and durability for infielders.

For infielders, the recommended glove sizes typically range from 11.5 to 12.75 inches, with 11.75 and 12.25 inches being the most common. These sizes provide a good balance between control and pocket size for fielding.

Can You Suggest Any Specific Brand or Model for the First Base?

For first base players, popular choices include the Wilson A2000 1786, Mizuno Franchise, and the Wilson A1000 models. These gloves are known for their quality craftsmanship and features specifically designed for the first base position.

Some recommended baseball glove brands within the $200 price range include Wilson, Mizuno, Shoeless Joe, and 44 Pro. These brands offer various models and sizes to cater to players’ preferences and positions.

What Are the Features of a Good Training Glove for Baseball?

A good training glove for baseball should have a mid-range size, typically around 10.5 to 12.5 inches, and be made of high-quality materials like steer hide leather. It should provide a comfortable fit, good control, and durability to withstand repetitive training sessions.

Can These Gloves Be Used for Both Middle Infield and Outfield Positions?

While some gloves can be versatile enough for both middle infield and outfield positions, choosing specialized gloves for each position is generally recommended. However, models like the Wilson A2000, with its moderate size and web design, are popular choices for players playing multiple positions.

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